Rate Card

(Rev March 2011)
What is The Bowling News Network?
The Bowling News Network, LLC (BNN) is a group of bowling publications (mostly newspaper/tabloids) that distribute more than 121,000 combined copies of these publications whether through subscriptions or placing them in more than 870 bowling centers across the United States.  These publications have come together in order to provide national advertisers a network through which to advertise their products/services all across the United States to bowlers, league and casual alike at the local bowling center level.  Strike Ten Entertainment (STE), the marketing arm for the bowling industry, is acting solely as ‘administrator’ and as a ‘clearinghouse’ for BNN ad submissions on behalf of the BNN member publications.

For more information on advertising through the BNN, call 800-343-1329 Ext. 8472 or email: Ron@bpaa.com.

BNN Member Publications(distribution areas noted in parentheses)

BOWL Magazine (Washington, D. C. area)
Bowlers Buzz (SE, North & Central TX; OK; LA)
Bowler's Digest (SE MI; Detroit/Ann Arbor areas; Windsor, Canada)
Bowling World Newspaper (Northern CA; Las Vegas, Reno)
California Bowling News (CA; NV)
Colorado Bowler (CO)
Desert Bowler (AZ)
Sports Reporter (NY; NJ; Eastern PA; Southern CT

Stars & Strikes Bowling News Magazine (National coverage)
Ten Pin Journal (WI)
Ten Pin Talk (Central MI)
The Bowling News, Southwest (TX; OK; AR; LA)
The Metro Bowler (MN; Metro Minneapolis/St. Paul)
The New York Bowler (New York City/Long Island)
The Sport (OH)

Benefits of advertising through the BNN:
  • One-stop shopping aspect
  • 80,000 combined single-issue circulation per month
  • Exposure in 15 different publications
  • More than 800 distribution outlets per issue/month
  • BONUS: “Worldwide coverage” through various BNN publications’ websites


  • Ads may be Black & White or Color (where available at an additional charge). Ask for details.
  • Rates below are approximates for a one-time insertion; one size must be chosen for all BNN publications and month specified.
  • The combined ad rates below are based on placement in every available BNN publication. Should one or more BNN publication be unable to place your ad in the month chosen or not have an issue in any chosen month, then your combined rate will be reduced accordingly based on the BNN publication(s) individual rate amount(s). A STE/BNN representative will notify you should this situation occur.
  • In all BNN publications, other than monthly issues, your ad will be inserted into one of the issues during the month selected. This applies to weekly or bi-weekly publications and is up to their discretion on which issue it will appear during the month selected.
  • Ad placements are subject to available space in each BNN publication. We cannot guarantee placement in each BNN publication during a given month.


Mechanical Specs:
All art files must be electronic.  High resolution pdf or tif files at 300 dots per inch/pixels per inch (dpi/ppi) are preferred.  Sizes shown below may be adjusted depending on the overall size of each BNN publication.  The sizes shown below are the best approximations based on the various sizes of each BNN publication. Submit electronic ad art files to BNN@bpaa.com

Ad sizes (no bleeds): 
Full: 10" w x 14 ½" h
Half: 10" w x 7" h or 5" w x 14" h
Quarter: 5" w x 7" h
Business Card: 3 1/2" w x 2" h
Combined BNN Ad Rates (approx. for one-time insertion in all 15 BNN publications during any given month)
Full: $6,932.50 BW | $7,625 Color
Half: $3,923 BW | $4,316 Color
Quarter: $2,306 BW | $2,537 Color
Business Card $702 BW | $772 Color

NOTE: Not all publications print in color

Discounted Rates available for 3-month, 6-month (during a 12-month period) and 12-month insertion order commitments (short rates may be applied if cancelled) Call for details,
Payment Terms: Payment due at time of artwork submission; Payment must be remitted to BNN  by check or credit card